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Loqa - the app for local trade


How can the needs of the consumers be combined with the passion of the shop owners for their assortment and their shop? We think that local trade can become more attractive in the long term through digital offers. To do this, we use the technology that everyone carries around with them every day, namely the smartphone. It supports saleswomen with product information, variant suggestions and reorder functions when giving advice.


Customers can scan their feet with their smartphone and are then shown matching shoes from the local retailer's range, regardless of time and place. Neither the customer nor the salesperson need to install anything on their smartphone, simply scanning a QR code from the branch is enough to shop digitally locally.

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Loqa auf dem Smartphone
Loqa Logo


Loqa my places Suchmaske
Suchzeile loqa my places

My places

  • google business entry

  • Display of the products  

  • Display of availabilities

  • Online shop window with filter options

  • Click & reserve

  • Special placements on google

Self-service terminal

Loqa Terminal-App
  • store and manufacturer inventories,

  • detailed product information,

  • Transfer article selection to the smartphone,

  • digital signage advertising area,

  • transfer shopping cart to checkout,

  • request advice 

sales assistant

Loqa Sales Assistant
  • store and manufacturer inventories,

  • Variants, alternative and additional items,

  • Detailed product information  

  • Entry of the shopping cart and transfer to the POS for quick checkout

  • Receive customer inquiries from the terminal and take over the customer list for further processing

  • Dropshipping order via EDI directly to the manufacturer for direct shipping to the customer, or shipping to the store for Click & Collect

customer app

Sitzende Frau mit Smartphone und Messplatte mit QR-Code
  • Size Advice

  • foot measurement

  • dealer's live inventory,

  • detailed product information,

  • Progressive web APP without installation,

  • Responsive template for any mobile device,

  • QR code link

  • Payment option in the Customer APP 
    PayPal and Click & Collect

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