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We are pleased that you are interested in the ECC. As an EDI clearing partner, we not only connect more than 1,500 dealers and 600 manufacturers with each other, but also ensure intelligent and industry-wide networking in the sense of digital commerce with a full-fledged PIM system and a live database for dealer and manufacturer inventories. As an official GS1 Solution Partner, we also work according to the EDIFACT standard and thus offer a solid starting point for the data exchange of over 30 different merchandise management systems connected to us. 

This is how you get started with us

Before we can get started, we need a contractual basis, especially with regard to the processing of the data and the liability framework. You can easily conclude our contract online via DocuSign:



Dokusign auf Laptop

The onboarding

As soon as the digital ink is dry, we create your account in the ECC and our onboarding crew will contact you.


In order to speed up the onboarding process, we ask you to collect some technical information in advance and send it to our employee after contacting us. Please use the linked Excel spreadsheet for this purpose:







You will certainly have questions regarding the EDI formats. We are happy to anticipate these questions with our documentation:


Certainly, despite these detailed documentations, all sorts of questions remain. Our sales team will of course be happy to answer them.

Book us directly for an online meeting or contact us in one of the following ways:

Phone: +49 2381 9270 202

Fragezeichen und Glühbirnen

A small note: You are the master of your data in the ECC. You decide who and when can receive your content. We control the releases via a so-called






Gestaltung am Tablet

Our flat rate already includes the following services for only €149 per month:


  • EDI catalog provision for  ERP systems in the EDIFACT standard

  • PIM with currently up to 500 possible article attributes

  • Unlimited upload of product and marketing material

  • Easy to use catalog manager for manual provisioning and article maintenance

  • Provision of your stocks for endless shelving systems

  • Provision of trading stocks for NOS / replenishment

  • Incoming & outgoing API

  • FTP & AS2 Transfer

If you also exchange EDI messages with the connected dealers, e.g. ORDRSP, DESADV, INVOIC to the retailer, or would like to receive INVRPT and SLSRPT from the retailer, then small transaction flat rates per retailer (€1.00 per month) and each additional retailer GLN (€0.50 per month) apply.

A small sample calculation:

Monthly basic flat rate:                                              €149 per month
EDI data exchange with 50 dealers:
                  +  € 50 per month 
These dealers have 500 GLN's / branches:     +  €250 per month
Your monthly service fee:
                                     +  €449 per month

You also have the option of making your invoices to retailers available in electronic format in our invoice archive for only €0.10 per document. This saves you the postal hassle. Your receipt will then be made available to the dealer for 10+1 years in accordance with GoBD.

Onboarding costs

If you can use our data standard, onboarding is free of charge for you. Individual data mappings and adjustments are calculated by us at an hourly rate of €125 net based on the actual effort involved.


The current conditions can always be found in the download area

Our services and conditions

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