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Single point of content and communication

How digital can your company?



Content is king.
Digitization is revolutionizing our everyday life and our culture.

Data is the raw material of our time. What coal was to industrialization, data is to digitalization: it is the most valuable commodity of our time and a growth driver in the economy.


Every supplier has a wealth of data on their own products. If we bundle all this data in one place, we get a huge raw material store from which everyone in the market ultimately benefits. Because unlike earlier raw materials, data does not wear out with use.



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Kein Out-of-Stock mehr, dank Sortimentserweiterung


Suppliers enter available stocks in SPOCC, which can be viewed and ordered through a front end such as Needle. This means that the range in the store is expanded to include missing sizes and complementary models.
Expand your offer! Increase the conversion of your space.
SPOCC makes all items from your suppliers available, not just supplementary stocks of your range.


Requested articles can be ordered from participating dealers. In addition to logistical processing, the financial transaction is also supported by the system.

Never out of stock


  • BMI: In the dealer WWS, requirements are achieved by falling short of target stocks

  • VMI: Suppliers determine requirements on the basis of sales and inventory information from the dealer WWS

  • The ECC creates an ORDERS on the basis of sales reports from the dealer ERP system

Bilddatenbank SPOCC


SPOCC “collects” article images from many sources, e.g. the connected photo boxes at suppliers, dealers and associations.
These images are available in high resolution and in 360 degree view to be used for web shops and other digital topics.
Our API always provides you with the images and other content as your system (e.g. your online shop) expects the data.
The costly and time-consuming conversion of data is no longer necessary.

erweiterter PRICAT


In the extended article catalog (PRICAT), the supplier specifies descriptive article attributes that can either be adopted 1:1 in B2C applications or used manually by the retailer for article description.
Articles can be described in detail with well over 100 attributes.



In addition to images and article attributes, suppliers and agencies can provide additional content such as motifs, videos and brochures.
With our content database SPOCC Gravity, content suppliers can conveniently channel their content towards retail using a rule and rights system.
Finally a single point of content where retailers can load content for all their articles across brands and with which brands retain sovereignty over their content.

Strukturen Branchenplattform


Structures and fixed contact persons create trust and a feeling of security. The ECC maps the complete infrastructure of the purchasing and sales processes. And delivers the content for the product at the same time.

Dealers and suppliers only need one interface to merchandise management and online systems.

Hände eines Teams


All manufacturers, suppliers and dealers can use SPOCC independently of the ERP system.

The ECC is a platform for the entire industry that significantly simplifies collaboration.

Beteiligte, Partner, Lieferanten, Händler


The European Clearing Center provides the technical know-how, the storage space and the interfaces between the systems.

The suppliers send an extended PRICAT, availabilities of articles, article images, advertising material and content. Suppliers without PRICAT can use the ECC's CATMAN catalog manager free of charge to create electronic PRICATS.

Dealers can use the provided content and images for their online trading. In addition, their range increases enormously because they can see live which sizes, colors and models can be reordered from the supplier. Since dealers can also transfer their stocks in real time, new alliances are created here as products can be requested from dealer colleagues if required. At the same time, the subsequent supply with NOS articles is simplified.

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