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The ECC web service offers a large number of endpoints with powerful functions based on the http protocol. He helps our system partners with the integration of the article catalogs and content into the respective merchandise management systems.


Partners who want to use the service can use all functions, status reports and error messages of the http protocol to ensure problem-free communication.


A technically detailed and constantly updated service description can be found under this link.


Katalogmanager Catman


With our all-rounder CatMan (catalog manager) you can easily create article catalogs (PRICAT) online and without software installation.
You don't have an ERP system or one that is not EDI-capable?
As a supplier or brand, use the opportunity to easily start digitizing your articles. Your article information reaches thousands of retailers via the ECC.


The transfer of exact article master data is the basis of smooth communication between supplier and dealer. The master data is the basis for all future transactions. With the CatMan, you can create the article data that is essential for the subsequent electronic data exchange.


Among other things, the following are maintained:

  • EAN numbers

  • Colours

  • Sizes

  • Prices

  • Product and product group description

  • Delivery details



With this program you can view the PRICATS of your suppliers even without a merchandise management system.

Der ECC PRICAT viewer  allows you to search and display items that are currently available for sale in the ECC. The program communicates with the ECC web service and thus shows the current article status of the ECC at all times.

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