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elektronisches Archiv


The electronic archive of the European Clearing Center.

Since January 1, 2020, we have enabled all of our customers to use the electronic invoice archive free of charge, with which you can view, print out and download your invoices from the ECC and the affiliated companies - but above all, this ensures that electronic invoices are archived free of charge in accordance with GoBD.

You have been informed by email that there is an invoice in your invoice archive Then log in here:


Instructions for handling can be found here.

elektronisches Archiv


Imagine you have a digital invoice archive. If you have to look for a specific invoice, you no longer have to scroll through folders, but simply use the search mask in your inventory management - or online in the NATIV.STORE. You make a contribution to climate protection by using much less paper - and you no longer have to worry about the minimum 10-year retention period!

For suppliers, this means: You can reach well over 1,000 ECC customers with electronic invoices and save logistics and postage costs as well as a lot of time.
For retailers this means: Your electronic invoices are stored in a legally secure manner in one place that you can access anytime and anywhere!



The ECC's invoices are made available to all ECC customers in digital form in the NATIV.STORE. They are easily available at any time and, if you wish, they can also be printed out as a copy.


Further functions can be found in our price list .

Vernetzte Geräte


  • Fast and secure type of transmission

  • No paper processing (copying, assigning, checking, filing, storing)

  • Possibility of automated invoice control in the merchandise management system

  • Faster and safer information flows about invoice differences

  • Reduction of complaints by avoiding input errors

  • External, secure and GoBD-compliant invoice archive

  • You work with a cloud solution, there is no need to purchase your own software or hardware

  • All solutions are developed exclusively in Germany and operated in certified, high-availability data centers in accordance with German law

Suppliers only pay € 0.10 per archived invoice



The NATIV.STORE offers maximum data security. By checking all systems by TÜV Nord AG, we meet all legal requirements. The electronic archive enables quick and easy document research based on search criteria that no paper archive offers. For example, by supplier, entry date, document number, document date, document total, delivery note, purchase order or order.



The NATIV.STORE always fulfills the principles of the "GoBD" (principles for the proper management and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access). Are the deadlines changing? Are the specifications for archiving adjusted? No problem for you! We have everything under control!

Fraud and failures are prevented! You and your business partners will also benefit from the low audit effort for the tax authorities! The NATIV.STORE guarantees compliance with the fiscal regulations for reporting input tax.

Angestellte im Modegeschäfts


With the NATIV.STORE, ECC relies on software that has been used by leading companies and associations for many years for the automated recording and forwarding of invoices. This works regardless of device and location in any web browser.

Hände eines Teams


The NATIV.STORE guarantees compliance with the fiscal regulations for reporting VAT. In accordance with the principles of proper bookkeeping (GoBD), all documents are automatically stored in the electronic archive and stored there in a forgery-proof manner.



In addition to the original invoice from the supplier, an electronically processable EDI message (INVOIC) can be permanently archived in NATIV.STORE. A "readable" invoice image (PDF) is always available and can be displayed directly in your ERP system or financial accounting.



In NATIV.STORE, your digital invoices from all partners connected to the ECC (European Clearing Center) are automatically recorded and archived in a legally secure manner. If you wish, you can expand your archive and thus also store the invoices from other suppliers and service providers that you receive directly by email, for example.

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