That's how important EDI and product information are

Orders. Online trade. Archiving.

Are you one of those dealers who place orders with hundreds of suppliers via many different interfaces and also have to manually check and archive them?


Then we can help you.

With the ECC you can manage all orders via one single interface. We take care of the translation and forwarding to the suppliers and support the entire ordering process including confirmation, delivery note, invoice and archiving.


At the same time, you receive electronic product catalogs from your suppliers with product descriptions, images and article features that you can use perfectly for online trading. With portals and marketplaces, nothing works without a GTIN (Global Trade Item Number).

As an ECC participant this is no problem for you.


Learn more about SPOCC. Here you can find the video of our online conference on February 25th, 2021




The ECC ensures the implementation and establishment of standards for electronic data interchange (EDI) in the market.
365 dealers and 1.362 suppliers use the ECC for electronic data transfer in order to skim off existing rationalization potential in the handling of daily business transactions.


Our portfolio includes data clearing, the SPOCC Global Stock Content Portal, the electronic archive ECC.NATIV.STORE, the ERIX market database and the online catalog manager CatMan. 


The ECC and SPOCC platform is cooperative and open to all market participants.
We rely on strong partners in various
Service areas that complement the portfolio as our platform partner.
Platform partners in turn benefit from the integration of their systems into our network.

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Successful teamwork

365 suppliers from the fields of shoes, textiles, accessories, leather and stockings, fittings and sports are connected to the ECC and regularly submit their article catalogs (PRICAT).
You can see which suppliers these are and which message types they also support in this Excel table.


Trust and success

1.362 dealers exchange data with their suppliers via the ECC and the number is increasing every day.
In this Excel table you will find an overview of all participating dealers. Probably there are some you know.
So if you want a first-hand review, why not speak to one of our participants.